Set hoodie Exception Rosée

Set hoodie Exception Rosée

Beauty case + Box 5 regenerating masks +Hoodie

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When to use it?
After a short night, at nighttime before bed, after a stressful day, on a good day or a bad day. But especially when you need comfort, warmth, a little something to brighten up your day.

What are the benefits?
Envelopes you in softness, increases the power of attraction, highlights your skin, wakes up its glow, enhances your natural elegance.

What you won't see anymore:
Dull glow-less skin-tone, lack of comfort, bad mornings when everything goes wrong.


More details on our set Exception Rosée :

Direction for use

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Regenerating face mask

How to apply Exception Rosée ?

When your skin needs an intense boost. It helps the skin getting rid of its impurities and awaken its glow, by stimulating its cell renewal.

Once or twice a week, when your skin is craving care:

  • Remove all make-up and clean your face.
  • Take out your Exception Rosée face mask. Unfold it and apply it on your face, streching the fiber to chase air bubble. Close your eyes and get chilled from this refreshing mask
  • For a short application : 10 minutes are enough to vivify and brighten the skin.
  • For a long application : leave the mask on for 20 minutes or more. It contains so much serum, the mask won’t dry and remains very comfortable.
  • Remove the mask and make the excess of product penetrate by massaging your face.


How to wear Exception Rosée hoodie?

When you don't want to tear your hair out in front of the mirror on mornings or stay warm at night. Outside or simply at home...

Every day, when it comes to having flawless yet effortless style:

  • Open your wardrobe.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Pull on the hoodie.
  • Look at yourself, you are RARE.
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