Discovery box - 4 face masks
Discovery box - 4 face masks
Discovery box - 4 face masks

Discovery box - 4 face masks

4 single face masks

When to use it?
On mornings to successfully start the day, at night to relax after a stressful day, during winter or summer, on a rush or enjoying some downtime, whenever your skin needs to say stop and get a fresh start. Your lifestyle, your rules, you choose.

What are the benefits?
Deeply hydrates, invigorates the skin and wakes up its glow, soothes your skin when it becomes sensitive due to external aggressions, nourrishes the skin when it feels tight and lacks elasticity, helps the skin getting rid of impurities and reduces imperfections, strenghtens the skin barrier, boosts comfort, transforms your beauty routine, makes skincare easy, changes your daily habits.

What you won't see anymore:
Dehydration, lack of glow, small irritations, redness, feelings of discomfort, tightness, weakened skin, lack of comfort and elasticity, impurities, spots, dilated pores.


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