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You are RARE.

What your skin wants: targeted face masks able to respond instantly to its current need. What you want: a glowing complexion non-stop without wasting your time. What we do: performant and natural face masks that always save your skin. We elaborated them in France by combining natural ingredients, technical compounds and French savoir-faire in cosmetics to obtain the best facial masks possible. Our care adapt to your lifestyle, your rules, your desires. They can be applied in both short pose when you’re busy or in long pose when you want to chill. On top of all this, they embrace the face like a second skin without folds or discomfort but with a fresh and soft sensation…

Spoiler alert: you are going to become addicted. At RARE, our beauty masks meet your skin’s four daily needs: nourish, soothe, regenerate and purify. The needs of all skin types whether oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Our sheet masks are made of vegetal cellulose fiber, an innovative, efficient and biodegradable material. Besides to be super comfy, it has the capacity to contain an important load of serum that acts in the heart of the cells.

Our job? Reveal your skin with custom-made and effective skin masks easy-to-use. Your job? Enjoy. Discover The Rare Effect.

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You are Rare.

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