What is mauve?

This plant is the best soothing active ingredient. It has already been renowned since antiquity for its appeasing properties. Mallow calms respiratory, digestive as well as cutaneous irritations. It suits sensitive and delicate skins without side effects.

Its skin-touch

Softening virtues

Thanks to the emollient virtues of mauve, it softens the skin, leaving it soft and at ease. Soothing, it calms irritations, itches and redness.

A moisturizing active ingredient

Mauve contains mucilage, an active ingredient that acts like a thin protective layer. In reinforcing the skin barrier, it retains the water in the cells and preserves the skin from dehydration.

Mauve and hamamelis: a perfect match

When hamamelis removes impurities, mauve covers it with a thin protective layer. By combining these two ingredients, we obtain a treatment that purifies effectively the skin without attacking it. It fits from oily to sensitive skins.

Our purifying Carbone Glacé mask

Our Carbone Glacé mask is enriched with serum which allies the benefits of mauve and hamamelis, two completive active ingredients, in order to remove gently impurities and toxins. Freed from imperfections, pimples and blackheads, the skin regains a clear and regular texture with velvety feel.

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