What is Hamamelis?

Recognized for its circulatory, astringent and soothing properties, hamamelis is a frequently used ingredient in our medicinal compositions, especially to treat heavy legs problems and varicose veins. Active ingredient with multiple benefits, hamamelis is also appreciated for hair treatments thanks to its capacity to tone the scalp and soothe itching.

Its skin-touch

Astringent virtues

Powerful against imperfections, hamamelis refines skin texture and tightens the tissues. Thanks to its astringent and antimicrobial properties, it deep cleanses the skin and gets rid of impurities.

A soothing active ingredient

Hamamelis is rich in tanins and flavonoids, active anti-inflammatory substances that also stimulate microcirculation. These virtues make hamamelis an effective ingredient to calm redness and irritated skin.

Hamamelis and mauve: a perfect match

Their RARE effect

By combining the powerful astringent attributes of hamamelis to the soothing virtues of mauve, we get a unique formula that can cleanse the skin without causing any stress to it. When Hamamelis rids the skin of impurities, mauve envelopes it in a veil of softness. A RARE effect that you can find into our purifying Carbone Glacé mask.

Our purifying Carbone Glacé mask

Made of hamamelis and mauve extracts, Carbone Glacé frees the skin from its impurities, removes toxins and tightens the pores. Full of a multi-active serum, this treatment is effective against blackheads, pimples and other imperfections. Because it purifies the skin without aggressing it, it is also suitable for oily, dry or sensitive skins.

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