What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E plays a key role in our organism by maintaining our immune system and our skin cells healthy. It is a liposoluble vitamin, that we primally find in fats such as oils (olive, sunflower), oleaginous fruits (almonds, walnuts), and wholegrain cereals.

Its skin touch

Moisturizing virtues

By reinforcing the cutaneous barrier, the tocopherol (its scientific name) limits the loss of water and prevents the drying out of the epidermis. The skin thus retains all its suppleness by being more resistant to outside aggressions.

A repairing active ingredient

Vitamin E is a precious ally for the face after a sunburn! It repairs and regenerates very rapidly the skin tissues thanks to its anti-inflammatory virtues. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E also possesses anti-age benefits which protect our cells against free radicals, responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Vitamin E and arnica: a perfect match

Their RARE effect

On one hand, vitamin E protects, regenerates and hydrates. On the other hand, arnica with its reparative and antioxidant virtues. By putting these two actives together, the RARE effect inevitably operates to help skin damaged by external aggression.

Our soothing Trésor Solaire mask

Cold, sun, pollution: every day, our skin is challenged. Rashes, tight sensations, and irritations can make it uncomfortable. Trésor Solaire, our vitamin E and arnica based facial mask will bring rapid relief thanks to its multi active serum. It calms and strengthen the natural barriers of our skin which recovers all its suppleness.

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