Imperfections: all our tips to avoid them!

All about imperfections

How do imperfections form?

Pimples, blackheads, dilated pores, shininess, rashes… These imperfections can appear at any age, on oily skins, as well as dry skins, mixed or sensitive. They are provoked by an overproduction of sebum, which thickens the skin and slows down cellular renewal. Dead cells and sebum accumulate and block the skin pores encouraging the development of bacteria P. acnes (plural for acne) and the appearance of comedowns (blackheads) and pimples.

What makes them appear

Imperfections are usually caused by hormonal imbalance (puberty, the birth control, stress) or unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, inadequate beauty routine, unbalanced diet), which stimulate hormonal production. Caution in the sun, if we get the impression that it enhances the quality of skin, it’s only temporary, imperfections will come back even more so.

Our anti-imperfection tips

Avoid aggressive cosmetics, instead of rapidly treating imperfections, they amplify them by attacking the skin which produces more sebum to protect itself. Prefer gentler and non-comedogenic products by following a complete morning and evening beauty routine: remove make-up, cleanse, apply lotion and moisturize. Hydration is essential, even in case of imperfections, because it will have the appropriate rebalancing effect. Piercing your pimples will create new scars and contaminate other areas of the skin. Treat them locally by disinfecting them with a cotton swab or by using a purifying mask that prevents pimples. You can also fight blackheads with facial steaming, the vapors will open the skin’s pores. Do this before applying an anti-blackhead mask on the concerned areas.

The RARE solution

Our Carbon Glacé mask

This purifying treatment will balance excess sebum, tighten the pores and prevent the apparition of pimples and blackheads. Thanks to its soothing effects, this anti-redness mask is adapted for skin with imperfections as well as the most sensitive epidermis.

Its multi-active serum

Because attacked skin reacts by producing more sebum we’ve taken care to create a formula that softly cleanses the skin, the best way to win against imperfections in the long run. Our multi active serum, combines hamamelis, a powerful astringent that tightens the tissues and prevents imperfections thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and mauve that envelops the skin with a protective veil and strengthens its hydrolipidic film.

Take care of yourself.

Because we are RARE, our skin must keep up with the flow. Because we love never ending evenings, vibrating, dancing, setting up the alarm clock on at the last minute, moving (a lot), and starting all over again. Because we also want a fresh and glowing complexion non-stop. Yes, we want it all, and we’re right. Because we are unique, RARE has developed efficient technical care adapted to each of us’ concerns.

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