How to soothe irritated skin?

Where do slight skin irritations come from?

A weakened cutaneous barrier

At the basis of an irritated skin the cutaneous barrier has been altered and no longer sufficiently fulfills its protective role. The skin having been directly in contact with exterior aggressions, is more vulnerable creating a vivid reaction. Without a sufficient shield, skin loses its water and dries up more easily. Weakened, it becomes taut, stings, shows redness and sometimes itches.

Irritating factors

Many factors can explain skin irritation: some care ingredients are too aggressive, spicy dishes can trigger off skin irritations as well as alcohol, that dilates blood vessels causing rashes. Sun, dry air and pollution are also responsible for fragilized skin. It is then important to choose adequate treatments to bar it from being aggressed.

Our tips to soothe irritated skin

For your beauty routine, prefer hypoallergenic care products, without perfume, paraben or soap. In the morning, apply a moisturizing cream with soothing and anti-inflammatory virtues that limits flashes and other irritations. To prepare a particularly irritated skin, choose a nourishing cream rich in lipids that soothes the epidermis and accelerates cutaneous renewal. Apply several times a day, especially at night since this is the time when skin regenerates itself the most. Finally, avoid hard water, it’s too harsh and prefer a thermal water to wash your face

The RARE solution

Our Trésor Solaire mask

To calm irritations and strengthen the cutaneous barrier, we have developed Trésor Solaire, our soothing facial mask. Its formula, an enriched multi-active serum helps the skin regain its comfort by efficiently diminishing rashes, irritations and tight skin. We advise you to apply this soothing mask in the morning to calm a fragilized skin, or at night after a day in the sun or in the cold.

Its multi-active serum

Our French laboratories have created a highly soothing formula containing the benefits of vitamin E and arnica. Vitamin E, thanks to its restorative and moisturizing properties reinforces the hydrolipidic film and avoids skin drying, responsible for certain irritations. Arnica calms shocked skin thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Take care of yourself.

Because we are RARE, our skin must keep up with the flow. Because we love never ending evenings, vibrating, dancing, setting up the alarm clock on at the last minute, moving (a lot), and starting all over again. Because we also want a fresh and glowing complexion non-stop. Yes, we want it all, and we’re right. Because we are unique, RARE has developed efficient technical care adapted to each of us’ concerns.

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