Why should you nourish your skin?

Beautiful skin thanks to our nourishing skin care

Hydrate and nourish: what is the difference?

We have a tendency to confuse moisturizing and nourishing care whose function is at once very distinct as well as complimentary. To moisturize means to bring water into the skin. To nourish, means to bring lipids, otherwise said « fats » To moisturize your skin is insufficient since water naturally evaporates so here is where nourishing care intervenes.

Nourishing your skin to strengthen it

By nourishing your skin, you will bring lipids that will act as a sort of cement between cells and will fortify the hydrolipidic film. This protective coating will maintain water in the cells and allow the skin to remain durably hydrated. To nourish your skin is therefore an essential step to avoiding dehydration, reinforcing the cutaneous barrier and permitting the skin to keep all its suppleness.

Our tips for nourishing your skin

Nourish your skin from the inside by consuming good fats like fatty fish, oleaginous fruits or oils (canola, linseed, walnut). Choose a facial cream made up of both moisturizing agents and lipids. Dry skins, don’t produce enough fats, dehydrate easily and are in particular need of formulas rich in lipids.

The RARE solution

Our Elixir Intense mask

If your skin needs intensive moisturizing and nutrition, we advise our nourishing face mask Elixir Intense. Enriched with a multi active serum, it durably seals the cells in water thanks to its hydrating and nourishing properties. They aid dehydrated skins by enhancing their elasticity.

Its muti-active serum

The nourishing mask Elixir Intense combines the power of squalane, one of the best natural emollients with hyaluronic acid, an intensive moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid drenches the cells in water whereas squalane forms a soft film on the surface of the skin to keep it moisturized while strengthening the cutaneous barrier.

Take care of yourself.

Because we are RARE, our skin must keep up with the flow. Because we love never ending evenings, vibrating, dancing, setting up the alarm clock on at the last minute, moving (a lot), and starting all over again. Because we also want a fresh and glowing complexion non-stop. Yes, we want it all, and we’re right. Because we are unique, RARE has developed efficient technical care adapted to each of us’ concerns.

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