How to keep good moisturized skin

Hydration, the basis of a pretty skin

What is the use of hydration?

Good hydration keeps skin luminous, supple and more resistant. The responsibility of the hydrolipidic film of the skin is to protect it from exterior aggressions, and is consequently made up of water and lipids. Reaction to the sun or to cold or even to pollution, this natural barrier can be damaged and become less efficient. Hydrating your skin means reinforcing it. It is also preventing signs of age because hydration stimulates cellular renewal and slows down cutaneous ageing. The more cells are drenched in water, the more the skin preserves its elasticity and its suppleness, and is more resistant to early wrinkles.

How to avoid dehydration?

All types of skin can be affected by dehydration. It’s not only a dry skin problem that lacks only in fat and not in water. Dehydrated skin looks dull, is uncomfortable, lacks softness and may present redness. To recover a beautiful plump skin, moisturizing is not enough because water naturally evaporates from the cells. To maintain this water, the skin needs nourishing care, rich in lipids that will form a protective film on the surface of the skin and keep it durably hydrated.

Our tips for moisturized skin

Remember to drink enough to hydrate your skin from the inside. Limit to the maximum harsh factors that alter the cutaneous barrier and dehydrates skin such as hot baths, tobacco, alcohol, exposure to the sun, and excessive cleansing of the skin. To boost your skin’s hydration, apply a serum rich in moisturizing agents right before applying your cream. The gesture to remember: a moisturizing facial mask once or twice a week. Very concentrated in assets, this skincare really offers a water bath revitalizing the skin.

The RARE solution

Our Elixir Intense mask

Offer your skin a moisturizing shoot a few times during the week by applying Elixir Intense, an ideal mask for dehydrated skin thanks to its powerful multi-active serum. As it moisturizes and nourishes, it enhances the skin’s elasticity.

Its multi-active serum

Elixir Intense contains hyaluronic acid and squalane, two complementary ingredients for optimal care. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizers thanks to its capacity to retain a large amount of water in the cells. Squalane, on the other hand, prevents it from evaporating by forming a protective covering on the surface of the skin. This mask maintains the skin durably hydrated for a luminous complexion.

Take care of yourself.

Because we are RARE, our skin must keep up with the flow. Because we love never ending evenings, vibrating, dancing, setting up the alarm clock on at the last minute, moving (a lot), and starting all over again. Because we also want a fresh and glowing complexion non-stop. Yes, we want it all, and we’re right. Because we are unique, RARE has developed efficient technical care adapted to each of us’ concerns.

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