What is an oily skin?

This type of skin has sebaceous glands excess sebum. Sebum is essential because it is one of the principals of the hydrolipidic film to assure protection and suppleness to the skin. When its production is unbalanced, the pores get blocked, stifling the skin that thickens and start shining. Pimples, blackheads and other imperfections can appear. Be careful then of aggressive products that pushes the skin to protect itself by producing more sebum, one of the best protective agents. That is the reason why a skincare adapted to your oily skin is important and avoid this vicious circle. The good news is, oily skin handles outside aggression very well and they tend to age better than any other skin types.

How to recognize an oily skin


  • Shiny complexion, but lacking radiance
  • Thick and irregular texture
  • Dilated pores
  • Little imperfections like pimples or blackheads (though not necessarily)
  • Makeup goes away easily


Hormonal disorders can impact on the quantity and quality of sebum, and be the mean of an oily skin. More androgens, or commonly called “male hormones”, excites the production of sebaceous glands. Some birth controls, periods and puberty can also be reason why. Seasons influences the secretion of sebum. It raises up to 10% for every Celsius the skin temperature gains. Don’t forget to use gentle skincare to heal your oily skin. Harsh products, make it worse and provokes that vicious circle we talked about.

Beauty routine to adopt

Morning and evening: the right routine

What to do against oily skin? Cleanse it with a gentle soap or floral water so don’t ever aggress it. Because oily skins suffer from excess of sebum and not water, they actually can dehydrate. It is important then to apply daytime creams to balance your complexion.

The right masks to apply

Once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin an enzymatic scrub (grains are to abrasives), followed by a purifying mask that treat oily skins with respect. We suggest hamamelis-based formula, an active ingredient that removes impurities and tightens the pores, while soothing at the same time. You can alternate with a moisturizing mask for oily skin in order to regulate the production of sebum. To awaken your complexion, look for a regenerating ceramide-based formula, to bring an immediate fresh effect.

Take care of yourself.

Because we are RARE, our skin must keep up with the flow. Because we love never ending evenings, vibrating, dancing, setting up the alarm clock on at the last minute, moving (a lot), and starting all over again. Because we also want a fresh and glowing complexion non-stop. Yes, we want it all, and we’re right. Because we are unique, RARE has developed efficient technical care adapted to each of us’ concerns.

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