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Elixir Intense
Elixir Intense
Elixir Intense

Elixir Intense


When to use it?
Morning, evening, whenever you feel like it. When cleaning your face, applying a product, enjoying some downtime with a facemask, or starting the makeup look of the year. Our headband is your new ally, it doesn't matter where or when, it can be used whenever you want to pamper yourself.

What are the benefits?
Clears your face, keeps your hair back, protects your hair from coming into contact with products.

What you won't see anymore:
A frizzy hairline, your fringe getting in the way, hair stuck to your face due to the serum, the slight exasperation when your hair doesn't stay in place and falls onto your face.


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Directions for use



Does your beauty routine really need a glow-up? Our headband helps take it to the next level.

Gone is the lack of comfort when applying products or doing your makeup. It keeps your hair in place so that you have free rein on everything else.

The soft material and elastic offers comfort and practicality. The thickness keeps back all types of hair and stops hair from coming into contact with products.

How to use Elixir Intense headband ?

When you are applying a facemask, during your daily face cleaning routine, for every makeup look... as soon as you need to keep your hair off your face so that you can pamper yourself :

  • Pop the headband around your neck.
  • Push it up over your forehead in order to clear your face and keep your hair in place.
  • Clean your skin, apply your facemask, rub in your treatment, do your makeup...
  • Remove the headband by sliding it down your hair.
  • Carefully put it away, you won't be able to live without it.


100% polyester.


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