Trésor Solaire
Trésor Solaire
Trésor Solaire
Trésor Solaire

Trésor Solaire

Soothing facial mist


When to use it?
In times of stress, emotional distress. After the skin has come into contact with sunlight, cold, heating, air conditioning or pollution, to give the skin some peace, as soon as it feels attacked and lets you know.

What are the benefits?
Calms the skin when it is distressed, soothes it when it is sensitive, consolidates the skin barrier, refreshes and envelops skin in softness, all with a delicious scent thanks to the orange blossom water.

What you won’t see anymore:
Redness, irritation, discomfort, tightness, reactive and weakened skin.


More details on Trésor Solaire:

Directions for use


Facial mist enriched in Vitamin E and Arnica

Calms and strengthens the natural barriers of the skin.

The Trésor Solaire mist is the boost skin needs in the face of external aggressors. The sun, cold and pollution torment the skin, which reacts to defend itself with irritations, redness, etc. The damaged epidermis becomes more sensitive and vulnerable. When the skin gives out an SOS, Trésor Solaire mist provides relief and creates a protective barrier. Result: less tightness and tingling.

Made in France, like our Trésor Solaire mask, its multi-active formula is enriched with natural extracts. It contains vitamin E and arnica. These ingredients with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties strengthen the skin's barrier. Skin is calmed and revived.

With one spray, your skin finds relief!

Plus point: freshness and an immediate sense of softness with an intoxicating smell.

How to use Trésor Solaire facial mist?

In the morning, in the evening, or throughout the day, spray your mist whenever your skin needs a refresh, with the appearance of the early signs of annoyance and irritation, to provide relief and maintain hydration.

Two simple uses:

  • Add it to your skincare routine

    Spray it on dry, freshly cleansed skin. Allow it to dry before applying moisturiser if necessary.

    Or, spray it on after applying one of our vegetal cellulose face masks, in combination with the serum. Together, they work wonders and maintain the skin's moisture levels.

  • Take the mist out and about with you and use it whenever you like

    Spray it on throughout the day to give yourself a refresh, enjoy the scent and imbue your skin with active-packed hydration.



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Rougeurs 25-34 ans
Love it!
I love this facial mist - it smells amazing!! and it gives me an awake feel after the calming.
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