Eye Patch Exception Rosée
Eye Patch Exception Rosée
Eye Patch Exception Rosée
Eye Patch Exception Rosée
Eye Patch Exception Rosée

Eye Patch Exception Rosée

Eye Patch Exception Rosée

When to use it?
When skin is at the end of its tether, when sleep isn't leaving you rested, in the morning to wake yourself up, during the day to give yourself a fresh look, in the evening before going to bed, when fine lines appear, after a gruelling day.

What are the benefits?
Invigorates the skin to leave it radiant, boosts regeneration, maintains hydration, tones and firms the skin, envelops it in a delicate scent thanks to the rose water.

What you won't see anymore:
Dull complexion, lack of radiance, sad or tired skin, drawn-looking features, sleepy appearance.


More details on Exception Rosée:

Directions to use


Eye Patch enriched with ceramides and Omega 3-6

Refreshes and invigorates.

When dark circles need a reset, a refreshing boost: the Eye Patch Exception Rosée comes to the rescue. Made in France, this product regenerates your dark circles and acts effectively against dull complexion. Just like our Exception Rosée radiance mask, these facial eye patches contain ceramides and omega-3 and 6. This deeply regenerating combination boosts the capacity of cells to renew themselves. Freed from the cells that clutter it, the skin is awakened and radiant. Their anti-aging properties also help fight the appearance of fine lines. The look is smoother and firmer.

How to apply the Exception Rosée Eye Patches?

In the morning, in the evening, throughout the day, use your Eye Patches whenever your dark circles need to be refreshed, to awaken their radiance.

  • By applying it as soon as you feel like it, a true nomadic treatment, it follows you everywhere
  • Remove makeup and clean your face.
  • Use the tweezers provided, gently lift two Exception Rosée Eye Patches from its pot, then place them under both eyes and finally leave to act.
  • Close your eyes. Enjoy the feeling of freshness provided by these regenerating Eye Patches.
  • Duration of application: 10 minutes is enough to see the effects of Exception Rosée thanks to its particularly intense serum concentration.
  • Remove the Eye Patch gently, rub in the excess product using light massages with your fingertips.


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