Exception Rosée Box x5
Exception Rosée Box x5
Exception Rosée Box x5

Exception Rosée Box x5

Regenerating face mask

When to use it?
After a sleepless night, before going to bed, when small wrinkles appear, or after a stressful day.

What are the benefits?
Invigorates the skin and wakes up its glow, stimulates the skin's renewal, slows down skin aging, firms the skin, puts all eyes on you.

What you won't see anymore:
Dull skin-tone, glow-less or fatigued skin.


More details on Exception Rosée:

Directions for use

Box of 5 masks

Vivifies and awakens the brightness of the skin.

For a dewy complexion without make up. With the 5 pack of Exception Rosée face masks you can now apply it daily or according to your needs. For example, it's a great solution for your skin when it needs an intense boost. Exception Rosée brings an instant shot of goodness to tired skins stimulating its cell renewal. This radiance face mask contains ceramides and omega-3 and 6, an extremely regenerating mix. Thanks to their protective virtue, the skin is now protected from external aggressions who slow down the cell's ability to renew itself. As anti-aging ingredients, they also fight against the first wrinkles by smoothing and firming the skin. Exception Rosé does not only stimulate the cell’s self-regeneration but it also helps the skin getting rid of its impurities and awaken its glow. A real boosting cocktail for the skin. You can enjoy that one irresponsibly.

On top of being made in France, this face mask against dull skin is made of vegetal cellulose fiber. Just to let you know, we’re sorry in advance, but we know you're not going to want to leave this super-comfortable material who gives the greatest impression of having a second skin. By the way, besides being efficient, it’s also biodegradable.

How to use Exception Rosée?

Once or twice a week or when the skin needs to be boosted:

  • Remove all make-up and clean your face.
  • Gently take out your Exception Rosée mask.
  • Unfold it and apply it on your face. Make sure you respect the locations for the eyes, the nose and the mouth.
  • Put on the side everything you’d rather do later. Close your eyes and simply enjoy.
  • For a short application: in only 10 minutes, Exception Rosée awakens your skin and illuminates your complexion. Perfect when it’s been a busy day, but your skin needs to be taken care of.
  • For a long application: a little selfishness feels good, right? Take some time for yourself by applying the mask for at least 20 minutes. Because it’s so strongly impregnated with serum, it doesn’t dry and is always pleasant to wear. In the meantime, only do what you want. Or nothing. Nothing is good too.
  • Then, remove the mask, and make the excess of product penetrate by gently massaging your face.
  • Get ready to be surprised, you will love it.


Multi-active serum with natural ingredients


Omega-3 and 6: fatty acids essential to make your body function, omega-3 and 6 have many benefits for the skin. They strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin and make it more resistant to external aggressions. Also known for their anti-aging skills, they soften the skin and maintain its elasticity.

Ceramides: as actual inter-cellular cements, ceramides help creating a protective layer. They strengthen the skin against external aggressions and keep the water in the cells. By helping the skin to self-regenerate, it's also a very good anti-aging ingredient.


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Good results
I love the packaging and enjoyed using exception rosee. I will purchase it again. After just one use my sensitive skin was very hydrated and bright.
nice feeling
Exception rosee is perfect for sensitive skins! It delivers deep hydration and isn't overpriced for its efficiency. I liked the fresh and plump feeling after use.
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